MAC Support

The VISIONDRIVE recorder software only runs on Windows and not on the Apple Mac platforms at all.

Having said that we run MAC's in our VISIONDRIVE business and we use a package called VMWARE FUSION (which runs as an APP on the MAC) and in it you install windows (any version is fine).


It works great and you only need to run it when you want to work with the recorded files.

All drive recorders will have this issue as even if you can play the video the special information wrapped around the video is not present. 

Note that the video format is protected from manipulation in the VISIONDRIVE range so playing inside the included VDANALYZER application is ideal.

Also note that the VD-3/7/8/9000 recorders all have an inbuilt display allowing the playback of video on the recorder itself.


Another option we have tested is Oracle's VM which is free to download and works well on the Mac.

You still need a licensed copy of Windows to install inside it just like VMWARE fusion and Parallels.


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