XVID Codec for conversion of VISIONDRIVE VD files to AVI

If the XVID Codec software is absent on your VISIONDRIVE SD cards please review the information provided below.

VDAnalyzer will advise you that you do not have the correct Codec installed on your computer to perform the conversion to AVI when you select the AVI button at the bottom of the main screen.

The file is called Xvid-1.2.1-04122008.exe

If you do not have this file and if you require it for the conversion to AVI within VDAnalyzer you can download it via this link (save to a known location on your computer as you will need to run the program).

XVID Codec

This program does not need to reside on the SD cards but can be copied there for safe keeping.  

You will need to run the XVID program and accept all the defaults to install the XVID Codec on your computer after which a reboot should be performed before running the AVI conversion.


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