What are the key things to remember when installing the camera in your vehicle?

Ensure that the view is not restricted by any tinting along the top edge of the windscreen and that it is within the windscreen wiper span area (so that operation in rain is not affected). Angle the camera to have at least 1/3 of the video capturing the bonnet/hood area of the vehicle (this optimises side coverage and there is no point in recording the sky). For general passenger vehicles the ideal mounting location is behind or close to the rear view mirror and with the flat mounting profile the recorder does not protrude from the glass area at all.

For light/heavy vehicle installations the ideal location varies (cabovers should be the lower centre area of the glass taking care to avoid windscreen wiper arms) and in bonnetted vehicles (depending on the glass configuration) along the top edge closest to the centre driving position is ideal. If your vehicle has a metal sun shield take note of this as GPS signals are shielded by metal and you should drop the position of the recorder so it has a clear view of the sky.

Before attaching the mounting plate thoroughly clean the glass area and with the recorder powered on (and attached to the backing plate) ensure the video is aligned horizontally.

All of this is simple with the integrated display in the VISIONDRIVE recorders.


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