What is the maximum size SD card that can be used in the VD-15/16/3/5/7/8/85/9000 and 95/9600 recorders?

All VISIONDRIVE systems are supplied with a 4GB SD card (SDHC - standard size) and the models listed here also support 64GB, 128GB and 256GB SDXC cards (VD-1500/1600/3000/5000/7000/8000/8500/9000).

A maximum card size of 128GB is supported in the VD-9500 and VD-9600 model recorders.

You will need to use a USB SD card reader when accessing the content from your computer as most systems will not recognise an SD card greater than 32GB.

Also a special program will be required to format these cards using FAT32 and a copy of the utility we have been using is included here for your use. 

It is a standalone application and can be used to format any SD cards you have.


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