Can the video be played outside of the VDANALYZER Application?

The video is played inside the VDANALYZER Application as the proprietary format of the recorded files is only accessible via this means.

This ensures the data integrity when presented in court (no other recorder has this feature).

You can also export the recorded files to an AVI file which is portable and can be viewed on any platform and can select the elements for overlay in the output (date/time/speed/location/audio/info).

The VD-1500B and G/MG models however record in MP4 and can be played natively outside of the VDANALYZER Application (as well as within).  The VD-95/9600 recorders save in AVI mode and these can be played outside the application as well.

You can also view the recorded video directly on the integrated display on the VD-3/5/7/8/9000 models whilst in the vehicle.


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