Formatting SD cards - General Advice

SD cards used in the Visiondrive Recorders must be formatted using FAT32.

Do not worry if this makes no sense to you as we have a handy tool that does this for you. 

Download via the link below and save to a safe place on your computer.

This utility will ONLY format using FAT32. 

When formatting ANY SD cards for the VD-96/9600 range of recorders please select the Allocation size of 65K as shown in the attachment.  All other recorder SD cards can use the default settings selected by the utility.

Please ensure all windows are closed on your computer before you try and run the program or else the formatting will not proceed.  A message advising that the device cannot be accessed will be reported and you will need to close all open windows before trying again.


Once the card has been formatted you can copy the recorder software to it.


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