GPS Utility - for managing, manipulating and mapping GPS data



GPS Utility is an easy-to-use application for managing and mapping GPS information (waypoints, routes and tracks). Use it for transferring data between GPS receivers and many other software applications. GPS Utility also contains many useful analysis and data manipulation tools.  It is particularly useful for dealing with data in different file formats, datums and grid coordinate systems.

This software was developed in the UK by Alan Murphy and we were directed to him by a Visiondrive client Dereck who has been working with Alan to allow simple GPS data extraction and mapping specifically for the Visiondrive VD-8000HDS recorder.  

Attached below is a sample of a recent trip by Dereck. This is a high level image and all the captured data now resides in multiple *.GPX files which means he can track every turn and misstep the vehicle has taken every few seconds since camera installation.

The program will also work on other Visiondrive Recorder models.

Further information can be obtained from the website 



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